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London Guide
London Guide Ай бұрын
LIVE STREAM SUMMARY 15.08.21 PART 1 Translated by Olga Elmes 0:26 Zdrastvuyte- Good day - to everybody!. Sasha & Masha are setting up the camera and the sound. The quality is good. The weather is amazing. They decided to start the stream with Gerda outside. Masha is planning to open the parcel and to do a raffle. They are going to Gerda’s house and Masha is reading greetings from all over the world. Sasha is putting a collar on Gerda. Masha says to Gerda: Privet - hi my sweetheart. The fence has been built though not quite finished. Gerda, will you show us the new fence? Sasha explains that there will be a decorative fringe above the fence and decorations between the sections. Masha is pointing to the place where the see-saw will be fixed. Sasha: the camera extends the court visually, it is shorter in reality. The heat does not want to leave us. The next week it will be +32+36 C. Sasha is filming Masha reading greetings. Viewer is asking for Gerda to be kissed for her. Sasha is joking that he will kiss Messi and let Masha kiss Gerda . Viewer noticed that Sasha trimmed the little oak trees. Sasha: The crowns froze in winter and we lost any hope that they will revive. So I cut the crowns and the oaks will start afresh. 6:20 Masha invites Gerda to walk around but Gerda prefers to stay for cuddles. Viewer is surprised with Russian hot weather. Viewers like the fence very much. Sasha explains that the fence will be even more beautiful. Viewer is asking about the fish in the pool. S&M are going to look at the fish. All survived apart from a carp. A roach and a crucian are swimming in the pool and Sasha feeds them. How was the week? Sasha: Very productive. We finished the fence, trimmed the oaks, installed the pool with fish in it and bought a fire extinguisher. We did not have one before. It’s better to have and not to use it than not to have and be sorry about it. Viewer: Was there any rain at all? Sasha: It was dripping a bit yesterday but was over too soon. Viewers like the fence. Viewers ask how they feel. They are feeling very well now. 9:00 Q: Everything looks very beautiful. Where do you find these materials? Masha: It’s all hand made. Sasha: It’s a usual board, the thinnest one with multiple knots. The more knots there are , the cheaper the board is . But it is good for us because it looks like patterns. Viewer: It matches your cats, very cool. Not dark and much better than it was. Sasha: In a couple of weeks we will replace the other part of the fence and then we will fix the decorative elements. Masha is going to hang the flower baskets on the fence. Gerda is rolling on the grass, she is not wearing a very comfortable collar today. Q: Did Gerda bathe in the pool ? No , she is not interested , there are 2 fish swimming there and there is no point to give the pool to Messi as he will destroy it. Masha is pointing to a new invention made by a friend: a holder for barbecue skewers. It decorates the side of the door and is very convenient to use. Messi loves sleeping in this corner on his mattress. Q: Masha, does Messi wake you up early in the morning like he wakes Sasha? Masha: No, it’s only Sasha’ s privilege to be woken up by Messi. Though you can’t help feeling a 50 kg cat. They are laughing as Gerda is choosing where to fall down on the grass with a big thud. Q: Why are you wearing so day to day shoes with such a nice dress? Masha: They are crocks. We bought them in winter for summer when they were very cheap. They are rather expensive to buy in summer and they are very comfortable. Masha receives a lot of compliments about her looks, she looks very slim. Masha: Thank you, but we had been ill for 2 weeks and had eaten very little. Sasha: Since April Masha has been going to the gym 3 times a week and has not missed a single session. Q: Why don’t you plant tomatoes or any vegetables? Sasha: My grandmother had a kitchen garden of about an acre where I used to help. My wish to plant tomatoes was killed in childhood. 15:20 Mashsa is opening the parcel. The parcel is addressed to Russia Land. We can hear the words Ooch tee = Dear me! Masha: These are presents for us and for our mothers. She shows jerseys and cardigans and the presents like chilli peppers and herbal medicine, reads the card and says Spasibo -thank you. The labels are in German so Sasha jokes that his German is worse than his English. Viewer is joking: Show us the labels and we will translate. Gerda is offered a toy but she goes away , she is not interested. Viewer writes that it’s Messi who is interested in parcels. Viewer asks about Sasha’s opinion about Rutube. The Viewer opened an account there and is going to upload his clips. Sasha says that they also have got a domain there but do not use it as there are too many advertisements on Rutube. On KZbin the advertising is also compulsory but Rutube has 3-4 times more advertisements. And people get fed up of watching them. Gerda is going home. Sasha: Shall I give the ball to her or offer it first to Messi. Masha: Let’s give it to Messi first. Shall we take Messi outside or shall we go inside? Greetings from Anapa ( The Black Sea) with lashing rains all the summer. Sasha is cuddling Gerda.
tanrex3 Күн бұрын
Olga and Ekaterina, thank you both so much for your hard work translating, we appreciate hearing all the details and updates about Messi and his wonderful family! Please tell Masha and Sasha we thank them for sharing their lives with us and inviting us to visit them every Sunday! 🥰🥰🥰
liberal ass
liberal ass Ай бұрын
@Ekaterina Levicheva and Olga thank you ladies for the translation as usual 👍👍👍 enjoyed reading it 🥂
Ekaterina Levicheva
Ekaterina Levicheva Ай бұрын
Part 4
Ekaterina Levicheva
Ekaterina Levicheva Ай бұрын
Part 3. 55:49 Sasha remembered that today there was not yet a question of the day. Sasha: I have no patience, I have already found the answer to today's question of the day. This question came to my mind the day before yesterday. Why does a polar bear have a black face? I am a supporter of the theory of evolution. I’m starting to think logically. The polar bear lives at the North Pole. It is not visible in the snow. Why did evolution make his fur white, but left his muzzle black? It's inconvenient, you can see it in the snow, etc. Q: How do some bloggers incorporate popular music into their videos? Do they pay for it? Sasha says there are ways to cheat. Masha: For example, you can speed up the tempo of the music. Sasha: You can speed up the music by 2-3%, or, conversely, slow down. The problem is that such a method may be relevant only now. Google's algorithms are updated every day. Today, the video that this system could not technically catch remains. But this video may already become illegal next week and will be blocked. Imagine that you have a hundred such videos on your channel. This can lead to blocking of the channel. For copyright infringement when more than three complaints are received, Google does not just block the channel, it deletes it forever. That is, it is a risk. Taking risks is a noble business, but we don't like champagne. Masha: Affiliate programs that work with bloggers have their own music base, copyrights are paid there. Collaborating with them, you can use this music. Sasha: But when a blogger wants to leave the affiliate program, these affiliate agencies ask to delete all videos where their music was used. This is how they retain customers, thanks to whom they make a profit. Sasha plays with Messi with a canvas sack. Masha: Messi liked this bag so much! Gerda doesn’t play with the sack, but Messi does. Sasha says that they will give Gerda's sack to Messi, because Messi has already ripped two sacks. Masha says that they rarely use music in their videos. Only when it is footage from CCTV cameras, because cameras don't record sound. 1:00:05 Sasha says that Messi's claws have grown. Masha reads a message that music was playing on a live broadcast from an important event in Odessa, and the broadcast was interrupted because of this. Masha says that KZbin doesn't matter, if your channel has millions of subscribers or 10 subscribers, it will ban you anyway. Sasha: Google is a global company, they defend copyrights from different countries of the world, so these harsh methods are used for a reason, in order not to understand the rights of each country. General terms and conditions apply to all. And general penalties. One of the subscribers really likes Messi's eyes. Masha agrees. Masha: His eyes are kind of human. Sasha to Messi: It's hot! Let's go play in the shade! Let's go! [rus: Pojdyo:m!] Sasha says it's time to trim Messi's claws. He has two sharp claws. The guys mention the toy Wazowski. Sasha says that it is hiding on the second floor. Masha says that she still doesn’t see the answers to the question of the day. Finally, she reads the answers to the question of the day: black colour warms up better than white, so it’s necessary to keep warm; black skin is UV protection etc. Sasha is smiling. Almost all of the answers are correct. Masha reads more answers: the fur is not white, but transparent; the bear's skin is black to keep it warm. Sasha: Right! [rus: Pra:vil'no!] The skin of a polar bear (if someone dares to shave it) is completely black to absorb UV light better, to trap heat. Its fur is really not white, but transparent. These are hollow tubes. The result is a lens effect that scatters sunlight and enhances its effect so that the skin warms up better. I also read interesting facts about the polar bear. If a human eats only a small piece of a bear's liver, he will die in terrible agony. This is due to the fact that the polar bear consumes very fatty food (mainly seals). The bear's metabolism is such that it is able to feed on pure fat. The content of vitamin A in its liver is so high that a small piece of its liver contains 30 times our norm, which can lead to death. It is also interesting that the polar bear is not a terrestrial mammal, but a marine mammal, despite the fact that it walks on land. Because it feeds on marine animals. Therefore, it is considered a marine mammal. This is strange and incomprehensible. This is a strange logic. 1:05:13 Masha apologizes to two viewers that she seems to have missed their donation messages. Sasha offers to arrange a prize drawing. He gives Messi a green ball. He tells Masha to open a random number generator program. Sasha: I hope that a small number will be drawn so that we do not have to count for a long time! Masha: We have not established any rules for the drawing of prizes. They only asked to send answers to different emails (for Russian-speaking and foreign subscribers). Yesterday I open the "Spam" folder, and there are 14 letters from one person, but sent from different emails. Naturally, these letters ended up in spam, and I didn’t get them out of there, because it is wrong, ugly. Sasha: The purpose of this competition was to entertain both you and ourselves. Let's do what is right and decent. Let's not turn entertainment into some kind of enrichment method. This is not good, it kills the very idea of what is happening. It should be interesting and fun. Moreover, it costs nothing to you or to us. We wrote to several of our partners, to whom we once contacted with some questions. If they want to be sponsors of this section, they can offer us two prizes of some kind for the prize drawing. Neither party pursues any benefit in this. Let's behave ourselves. Masha really likes mosaics, it's a great pastime. If someone does not win and wants to buy it, then it can be bought using the PUMA promo code with a 20% discount. Sasha: We had the smallest mosaic. There are three sizes. Masha: You can buy several mosaics and join them together. Or you can assemble the mosaic and disassemble the pictures ad infinitum. That's exactly the point! Sasha: Yes, this is an endless constructor. This is a cool thing! Masha: We received 601 letters. This is the largest number that we have yet. Masha enters the number 601 into a random number generator program. The program shows the number 36. Masha to Sasha: As you ordered! Masha leafs through the letters in the email. She needs to start counting from the first (earliest) letter. Masha: Who do you think will be the thirty-sixth? Sasha to Messi: Who do you think it will be - a boy or a girl? Messi is silent. Masha says that the first prizes (toys) have already been delivered. Masha will send the sets of feathers from the zoo next week, because the guys got a little sick and did not leave the house this week. 1:10:12 Masha begins to count out loud: one, two, three... [rus: odi:n, dva, tri...] Thirty-sixth letter is from Svetlana Valova from Samara. The guys congratulate Svetlana on her victory. Sasha says that they will take apart the mosaic or put together a second portrait of Messi, to be fair. The number of letters from foreign subscribers is small, only 30 letters. The winning number is 12. This letter is from Cougar Cat. The guys congratulate the winner. Masha says that the prizes did not go to the people from the sports club. She says it's very interesting when you know the people who are participating in the competition. The guys argue that a random number generator can give any number, this is fair. Masha asks Sasha if he told everything about the bear. Sasha says yes. Masha reads good wishes, Sasha thanks. Masha recalls how persistently Messi called dad in the last video. 1:15:10 Sasha says Messi informs him when workers come to the second plot of land. Sasha tells Messi that he knows they have come. But Messi insists that dad go up to him on the second floor and look at the workers from the window. At first, Messi calls Sasha gently and non-intrusively, but then, if he doesn't go, he starts calling him with expression. During cloudy weather, Messi can sleep for a long time. Then the guys can relax and lie in bed until about 8:00/8 am. Messi endures and waits, it is important for him that Sasha goes down with him to the toilet. Masha says that Messi is a good actor. Sometimes he seems to say: "Please give me meat, I have never, never ate meat!" Sasha says that Messi plays the role so well that you start to believe him. Also Messi comes to apologize when he is naughty. He first runs away, then turns around and plays the role of an innocent. He has such innocent eyes! His ears are down! He goes straight to Sasha: Meow, meow, daddy, daddy! That is, he does it before being scolded. He pretends that he is such a good, such an obedient boy, please do not scold me. Masha says hello to Dima and Yana (she noticed their messages in the chat). One of the subscribers writes that Messi's eyes remind him of the inhabitants of Pandora from the movie "Avatar". Sasha loves this film very much. He advises watching the director's cut of this film. This version is 20 minutes longer. It makes you look differently not only at what is happening in the film, but at all of humanity, at its egoism and egocentrism. Sasha asks Masha to read the donation messages from Australia, because he himself doesn’t want to do this, because he has a bad pronunciation. Irina writes that none of her acquaintances (from the sports club) won. Sasha says that it will be very funny when they give away the prizes next week - the dolls she sent. It will be funny if these dolls are returned back to Irina. Q: Can I find out if my email got into spam? Masha says that she checks the Spam folder every time. It happens that 2 or 3 letters end up in spam, but Masha returns them to Inbox. She says not to worry about this. She again talks about 14 letters from one person.
London Guide
London Guide Ай бұрын
PART 2 Translated by Olga Elmes 26:00 Gerda does not want to go home. Sasha& Masha are discussing whether to go to her enclosure with her or to leave her alone outside and to go home to say Hello to Messi. Gerda is following them. She is looking at the quacking ball and purring. Sasha: Gerda, will you stay here on the terrace with the ball while we are going to Messi? They want Gerda to stay longer in the sun. Sasha is inside the house. He calls Messi: Where is my cat? Messi is running to give a hug to Sasha. Are you OK Messi? Were you looking after the house? Messi: Wrra, wrra. Gerda is leaving the terrace and Messi is looking at her through the window. Sasha: Messi goes out in the morning and in the evening. And Gerda is outside in the day time. They have different biological clocks. Messi is a dusk predator and Gerda is a day one. So Messi sleeps and rests in the day time. Konstantine- a friend writes from Germany that a lot of people can do translations for Sasha. Sasha: We use Google or Yandex translate not to bother the people. Viewer: Masha, when will you start feeding Sasha like the cats, he looks so thin. Masha: I feed him very well. He is just like this. Sasha: No,no. I eat less than the cats and I am cheaper than the cats. They both laugh. Q: Where is Messi’s hammock? Sasha: In the garage. It was outside and Messi was jealous of the hammock for Gerda and peed on it. Gerda did not lie on it, she did not mark it, she just approached and smelt it. But Messi saw her near the hammock and became jealous. He defiantly lied down on the hammock and wet it. My husband said about it: That’s what boys do -Olga) 32:30 Messi is shown a brush and he is lying down for brushing. Sasha: I will start with your neck, I see you pointing to your neck. Masha is reading comments: - I am at work but I still manage to watch your stream. -Thank you for the positive emotions you bring into our life. - Sasha is deprived of his hard earned piece of meat. Sasha: We have a very strange feeling about our cats’ meat. We buy 40 kg of meat at a time and also offal. But we‘ve never used it for ourselves. We go to the shop and buy some meat for our meals. It’s a psychological moment. Viewers: -Sasha looks very well. Please, do not criticize him. - I am inspired by your warm and cosy house and your hard work and your amazing furry family. Sasha: Thank you very much. We neglected our house last weeks due to illness but now everything has been tidied up. Messi is being kissed many times at request of a Viewer.- We want to see your stream with walks like you did when you lived in the flat. It was very nice. Masha: We are planning them. Sasha: There is a problem about it. The programme we’ve been using for 3 years to run live streams does not allow us to do so beyond our territory. We tried to update the programme but we were unable to do so. It recognizes only our home Wi Fi and it says no connection when we are somewhere else. You remember that we failed to stream from the deer stables. We tried to install the other programme, but it did not work very well either. The phone overheated. The Kims (Tiger Den) advised us to use a new programme , we will master it and then will conduct live streams from the walks. However nice our compound is, we are bored streaming from the same place all the time, and we are going to overcome this technical problem. Masha is saying nice words to Messi. Sasha is showing a bag of Messi’s fur. He says that it is the fur that they gathered over 3 years. He gives it to Messi to smell. Sasha: It’s interesting what Messi’s reaction will be. Messi is smelling his fur and is making faces. Sasha: Messi , you were 3 years younger here. Masha: I remember my mother showed me my first cut hair. Messi, who’s hair is it? - It’s me, it’s me- says Sasha for Messi. He asks Messi: Don’t pull such a face, the viewers will think your fur is smelly and we did not wash you properly then. 40:00 Sasha says they began saving Messi’s fur because they were going to make a small toy of it, maybe mini Messi. But it will take another 3 years to save enough fur for it. Most of his fur goes into the vacuum cleaner when they clean the floor. Viewers ask about the raffle, praise Masha’s dress and agree with the Dmitrievs opinion about the cats’ meat. Q: What about Gerda’s partridges that you barbecued? - They were just partridges, bought for soup and shared with Gerda. Sasha takes the quacking ball from the terrace and gives it to Messi. The Kims (Tiger Den) are writing that they also buy meat for themselves despite having huge fridges full of tigers’ meat. Viewer: How long did you keep Messi awake after his misbehaviour at night? Sasha: He wanted to get cuddles at 2 am, at 2.30 he realized I wouldn’t get up and he left. I had just fallen asleep and immediately Messi jumped up on the bed with loud Wrrraa, kisses and licks. He continued like that till 5am, then I got up and took him outside. I was able to sleep a couple of hours later and then I got up and saw Messi sleeping. And then I thought now it’s my turn not to let you sleep. And we decided to film this. Viewer: You have introduced us to too many nice people- the Kims, Alexey, Dan and now Vagram. We are watching all these and have no time to sleep. Masha: It’s OK. No more nice new friends. 46:00 Messi is back. Messi ,where is the ball? Messi is jumping with the ball and is running away. Masha is going to take Gerda back to her enclosure. Masha: Gerda, my bunny, my sweet girl, my polka dot girl, my sweet plum. Let’s go home. Messi wants to go for a walk and you will go out again later. Gerda, why are you going to Daddy? Let’s go to your home. Sasha: Bad luck for Messiyan ( Messi) that he can’t go out now. Q: Why can’t you just close the door to your bedroom and leave Messi in his room? Masha: It’ s not possible. Firstly he can open the doors by himself. We can lock the door but he will be screaming and shouting outside. Sasha is taking Gerda inside her house. They show 2 fish in Gerda’s pool and ask Gerda why she is not interested in fishing. Viewer: Where does Messi actually sleep. Masha: In the bed. We have a triple bed with a space for him on the side. Sasha is going to take Messi outside. Viewer: You should do something about some music in the background. Masha: To use music you must have copyrights, we don’t want to have problems with You Tube about it. You Tube has its own music which they allow you to use but every partner’s programme which works with bloggers has their own library of music, but we are not allowed to use it because they have a copyright of the media agency. There is not so much choice of music. There are always some difficulties and your video might be deleted. We have come across that already. Viewer: I received Vagram’s permission to make clips from his video. Sasha says that Messi has had enough of his walk and he is already upstairs. Let’s follow him. Messi wants to pick up a decoration from the window . Masha says : No.You have tons of toys . Go and play with them. Sasha: All the doors in the house must be open though Messi does not use them. But the doors must be open. Of course it is based on zoological psychology- control of the territory and always have a way of retreat.. Viewer jokes: Sasha, give us a sign. We will save you. Touch your beard if you are deprived of food at home. Sasha is smiling and touches his chin then says : We are both carnivorous and vegetable stew is just a garnish for us. We need meat, poultry or fish with it. Red meat takes a lot of energy to digest. If a piece of meat contains, say , 1200 calories, then to digest it, the body uses 1000 calories, not much is left. That’s why we are so slim. Viewer called Irina: All my co-workers participate in your raffle and now my gym pals join you too. Sasha says they forgot The Question of the Day. And he would like to pose it.
Светлана СОЧИ🐬🌴
Светлана СОЧИ🐬🌴 6 күн бұрын
Зашла и залипла,такие кошечки лапочки.Однозначно подписка.Такой релакс на Вашем канале.Спасибо.Буду пересматривать с самого начала.Правда, незнаю с какой серии начало.Может название подкините? Спасибо Вам.🐆
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patricia moritz 12 күн бұрын
Марина Еременко
Марина Еременко 23 күн бұрын
吳晨福 25 күн бұрын
Thanks for sharing~ I like the cheetah~ I hope there are more videos of the cheetah~
Mysasser1 Ай бұрын
O remember when that ball used to scare that cat. She's come such a long way. I was scared for ya'll when you took her. She was so scared and unpredictable. Now look! Wow!
Лука Мудищев
Лука Мудищев Ай бұрын
Какая она красивая. Наша Гердушка.
Hi everyone. XO .. Are you going to put up a solid fence? Have a great weekend.
Alina Tm
Alina Tm Ай бұрын
Саша, Маша, пойте любимые песни своим голосом за кадром! Оригинально и душевно - соответсвует настроению вашего канала! 😜😄
Inga Balbucka
Inga Balbucka Ай бұрын
Гепард есть.Пума есть.а обыкновенного русского чернобелого кота нет?
alex lamelin
alex lamelin Ай бұрын
Удивительно.. Не ожидал, что большие кошки ведут себя как обычные домашние :) со мной всю мою сознательную жизнь живут кошки. Есть с кем сравнивать :)
Светлана К.
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Правильно, Саша, недопчелу к соседям!
MopiZua Ай бұрын
New cheetah?
lena n
lena n Ай бұрын
Спасибо, интересный выпуск!
О том, да о сём
О том, да о сём Ай бұрын
Пчёлы вымирают более всего потому, что выкашивают траву. А в лесах больно и нет цветов.
О том, да о сём
О том, да о сём Ай бұрын
Похоже, что это был трутень... (Он тёмный и похож на пчелу) - Если да, то не переживайте - они все равно долго не живут (они умирают от голода, или их убивают свои же пчёлы по ненадобности)
О том, да о сём
О том, да о сём Ай бұрын
...Это я про насекомое в бассейне, которое укусило Сашу
О том, да о сём
О том, да о сём Ай бұрын
601 письмо - это я ещё не успела😏😄😄😄😄
О том, да о сём
О том, да о сём Ай бұрын
Меня знакомьте с хорошими людьми😏 - я на работе сутки, а ночью спать нельзя😄😄😄
О том, да о сём
О том, да о сём Ай бұрын
31:20 - о моём муже тоже спрашивают, почему он худой... Дело в том, что я его прекрасно кормлю - просто он считает, что лучше быть худым, но накачанным, чем толстым и еле ходить... И он жутко не хочет пузика😏
Elena Grishchenko
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Я. Люблю. Всех. Животных. Асобено. Лошадей. Я. Их. Обожаю канал. Когда. Нашла. Особенно. Ваши. Котики. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Margui622 Ай бұрын
Thank you Olga for the translation.
st2826 Ай бұрын
Didn't know they had been ill, what happened?
catinchanel Ай бұрын
Messsssi you’re such a sweet angel’
catinchanel Ай бұрын
Ahhh how come when I brush my cat he’d end up biting me. He likes it but then bites me. Ah i wish he could watch and learn from messhush
Владимир Грутов
Владимир Грутов Ай бұрын
Саша исхудал, сходи к врачу
Ирина Фунтикова
Ирина Фунтикова Ай бұрын
Ребята, скажите пожалуйста. Как вам пришло в голову хищников завести, или вы дрессировщики? Смотрю, это все очень здорово, но мне даже через экран страшно
Ирина Викар
Ирина Викар Ай бұрын
Это долгий рассказ). Посмотрите интервью "Хищники и люди" в трёх частях на канале "День Тигра - Tiger Den".
Nini George
Nini George Ай бұрын
Kannabis Ай бұрын
А есть видео с маленьким Месси?Или как всё начиналось?
Ирина Викар
Ирина Викар Ай бұрын
kzbin.info/www/bejne/iaicaHuDZ9KYlZI , kzbin.info/www/bejne/sKjCnHahZ8mBp8U
ирина Ай бұрын
Саша, вроде белый медведь просто переводится как " морской медведь" с его названия научного, но не относится к морским млекопитающим все же.. 🙆‍♀️
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Специально травят темные
Natali Medvedeva
Natali Medvedeva Ай бұрын
Покажите какМэська спит на кровати
Natali Medvedeva
Natali Medvedeva Ай бұрын
Деревянный забо́р красиво ,но пожаро опасн
Ангелина play
Ангелина play Ай бұрын
У меня есть собака Я вас обожаю смотреть
Димитри Цуркан
Димитри Цуркан Ай бұрын
Очень красивые
DrAlexMore Ай бұрын
А по поводу пчёл у нас в англии делают им домики даже на своих участках и сажают цветы специально
Miky Minu
Miky Minu Ай бұрын
What happened to little kirya?? Why they don't show her non more in. Videos?
Miky Minu
Miky Minu Ай бұрын
@Ekaterina Levicheva 😢😢ooooohhh no... Never knew... Thank for the reply
Ekaterina Levicheva
Ekaterina Levicheva Ай бұрын
Kira died on April 29 due to heart failure. Pleural effusion. The guys pumped fluid from the chest cavity using diuretics and injections. But on diuretic drugs, Kira developed Quincke's edema (allergy) and started having kidney problems. The heart couldn’t stand it.
Эльфийка Бабочка
Эльфийка Бабочка Ай бұрын
common sense
common sense Ай бұрын
Thank you again! We love you so much!
Альма Ай бұрын
Пожалуйста, не надо добавлять музыки! Она везде, куда не зайди: кафе, магазины, парки, пляжи... Не знаешь, куда от нее спрятаться!
Альма Ай бұрын
Мячик говорит: «Ай, ой!» Смешно! Масян оценил по достоинству! 😄
Любовь Буланова
Любовь Буланова Ай бұрын
Саша, а ещё, в комплекции очень важна генетика
снег Ай бұрын
Скажите пожалуйста,,, а как называется материал который у вас во дворе вместо тротуарной плитки---- вопрос.
снег Ай бұрын
@Ekaterina Levicheva спасибо.
Ekaterina Levicheva
Ekaterina Levicheva Ай бұрын
Это морская галька + вид эпоксидной смолы, на бетонном основании. Называется "каменный ковёр", погуглите.
Wioleta Jędrzejewska
Wioleta Jędrzejewska Ай бұрын
Hi sweet Cat 🐈 Messi
Ирина Костенко
Ирина Костенко Ай бұрын
Герда сидела у Машиных ног как собака)) Даже и гладить не надо было. Просто рядом❤️ Мессюша ревнивка-любименький)))
Galina Patey
Galina Patey Ай бұрын
Анжелика Ай бұрын
Маша и Саша, вы супер милая семья!!! Спасибо за Позитив !!! Здоровья Вам и вашим зверятам!!! 💕😘😘
Ilmira Moskva
Ilmira Moskva Ай бұрын
Коты в принципе не терпят когда дери закрыты на их территории. Маленький то кот орет так что попробуй куда то не пустить. Что говорить про пуму
Audri Clausen
Audri Clausen Ай бұрын
The fence looks very nice.✝️👍
Cristina Theiler
Cristina Theiler Ай бұрын
im allways happy to watch gerda and mezzi all of you, thank you for being MOTHER AND FATHER VON MEZZI AND GERDA, Wishing you all healthy safe strong and happy.More Blessings and God Bless to all of you
Ekaterina Levicheva
Ekaterina Levicheva Ай бұрын
Messi, not Mezzi
нона лужецька
нона лужецька Ай бұрын
Как же мне нравиться что эти стекла убираются.....прелесть.....когда открытая веранда!
Вера Мартенс
Вера Мартенс Ай бұрын
Самая красивая кошка Герда..!!! И ее хозяева Саша и Маша.....
нона лужецька
нона лужецька Ай бұрын
Вот вы есть-и все хорошо,а в Батуми-дождь....А "актерское " падения Гердочки-ОТПАД!!!!
Алла Товбина
Алла Товбина Ай бұрын
Пчеловоды считают, что основной причиной падежа пчёл является применение в сельском и лесном хозяйстве инсектицидов. Травят саранчу, совку, непарного шелкопряда и т. д., а страдают пчёлы.
parham safaee
parham safaee Ай бұрын
Anna Matthies
Anna Matthies Ай бұрын
Такое впечатление,что с каждым разом ваш участок становится всё больше и больше.
Ирина Викар
Ирина Викар Ай бұрын
Растёт! И забор пятится.
Валентина Лосева
Валентина Лосева Ай бұрын
Какие вы счастливые с погодой а у нас в Петербурге уже осень утром сегодня было четырнадцать градусов и неласковый ветер Спасибо за животных очень люблю и всегда смотрю вашу передачу
Patricia Takeya
Patricia Takeya Ай бұрын
Princess Gerda loves the beautiful grass!! ❤️❤️❤️. Love the new taller fence.
Gabriele Lüttges
Gabriele Lüttges Ай бұрын
I have noticed when Messi was looking into Gerda's enclosure, perhaps only to say "Hello", Gerda, as always, chased him away. Masha was only swinging the camera in another direction in time. Poor Messi.
Wioleta Jędrzejewska
Wioleta Jędrzejewska Ай бұрын
Agree. Poor Messi
Bernade Trifonova
Bernade Trifonova Ай бұрын
14ogo Avgusta nebilo strima ot ljvinogo Alekseja, razskazite, mozet ctoto slucilosj?
Bernade Trifonova
Bernade Trifonova Ай бұрын
Boljshoje spasibo, nemnogo razstroilas, ocenj mnogo smotrju i slezhu i perezhivala
Ирина Викар
Ирина Викар Ай бұрын
Заглядывайте на вкладку Сообщество на его канале, там публикуются актуальные новости! Алексей был очень занят на работе, не смог поехать ко львам.
Das KapitaL
Das KapitaL Ай бұрын
Забор красавец, а главное что он есть. Дерево разрослось и теперь Месюшке есть где хоть чуть чуть спрятаться, котам это очень нужно
Vasco Vas Co
Vasco Vas Co Ай бұрын
Герда поднимает хвост и приземляется на траву. Как красиво это существо. Я так люблю вас, дорогие.
Vasco Vas Co
Vasco Vas Co Ай бұрын
Привет всем! Ваша прекрасная коллекция балконной мебели очень красива. Я хотел бы знать, от какой это марки.Месси и Гарда - очень добрые и красивые друзья. Я хотел бы тебя увидеть.
Ирина Викар
Ирина Викар Ай бұрын
This is "OrigaMebel" Co. (Tver, Russia). @origamebel in Instagram.
Guiomar Gomez
Guiomar Gomez Ай бұрын
Messi is simply the best, the cheetah is not very reactive...
Wioleta Jędrzejewska
Wioleta Jędrzejewska Ай бұрын
Messi is truly smart cat
Inna Inna
Inna Inna Ай бұрын
Смотрю на вас и любуюсь вами,дорогая котосемья!
ber bear
ber bear Ай бұрын
Do u not give her same attention as mesi? she is in seperate home for obvious reason, but u make no videos of her rarly!!, which by looking at videos, she is last on mind!!! I dont think this, cuz i see the love u feel for mr messi!!! Just sharing first time thoughts as if i never saw ur channel
Ekaterina Levicheva
Ekaterina Levicheva Ай бұрын
Gerda has her own KZbin channel kzbin.info/door/3tXmqGNFRjstVvkJbmItoA
Elisa Williams
Elisa Williams Ай бұрын
Are you aware of their I Am Cheetah channel, which has new videos of Gerda on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the same as Messi’s I Am Puma channel.
ber bear
ber bear Ай бұрын
Finally gerda, u guys never show...... why,??
Ирина Викар
Ирина Викар Ай бұрын
Have you missed the beginning? 🤔 They started this live stream visiting Gerda's enclosure. 🐆
Wioleta Jędrzejewska
Wioleta Jędrzejewska Ай бұрын
Because most of us here are because of Messi. He is the ⭐️ Gerda has own channel and please do not change this
Tatiana Tatischev
Tatiana Tatischev Ай бұрын
Как легко перепрограммировать людей, посмотрите любой старый советский фильм, там все мужчины, за редким исключением, стройные, а женщины - сбитые, а теперь наоборот.))) Причём толстый мужик с загривком чуть ли не признак богатства.😀😀😀
Надежда Потанина
Надежда Потанина Ай бұрын
Когда укусит оса надо посыпать это место содой и смазать соком лимона . Зуд и отёк спадёт .
Надежда Потанина
Надежда Потанина Ай бұрын
@Алла Товбина я не химик а под рукой не было аптеки и воспользовалась тем что народ посоветовал и помогло . Я не отрицаю что лекарство лучше лечит , но если ты за городом и нет тюбика ,то это тоже вариант . Да сначала холодит , а потом потом греет , но отёк снимает .
Алла Товбина
Алла Товбина Ай бұрын
@Надежда Потанина простите, так вы по факту и занимаетесь практическими химическим изысками, а я беру тюбик, отвинчиваю крышечку и...вуаля. Поверьте, результат намного лучше, чем от соды. Один раз помазал - и порядок, и не надо менять никакие примочки. ФЕНИСТИЛ - антигистамирный препарат. А холодит вам не от смеси соды с лимоным соком, а просто от влаги. Помажьте укус просто водой, вода будет испаряться и точно так же холодить. Вообще, сама реакция нейтраллизации, которая происходит в момент смешивания соды с лимонной кислотой идёт с ВЫДЕЛЕНИЕМ тепла и может только греть, а не холодить.
Надежда Потанина
Надежда Потанина Ай бұрын
@Алла Товбина а вы попробуйте , когда происходит реакция идёт облегчение холодит , на себе испытала , надо только сразу и время от времени менять примочку . Мне химические изыски не к чему , помогает и ладно .
Алла Товбина
Алла Товбина Ай бұрын
И сода, и лимон слегка помогают, причём по отдельности. Но лучше всего помогает гель ФЕНИСТИЛ. Вообще сочетание соды с лимоном - странноватое, так как они друг друга взаимно уничтожают (гасят, нейтраллизуют). Химия, самые азы.
Silvia Acuna
Silvia Acuna Ай бұрын
Ohh my beloved Dmitriev family!!! Masha looks too thin.
Fire_Hail Ай бұрын
liberal ass
liberal ass Ай бұрын
Messi is amazing!!! Loved the way he came running to meet Sasha .. always greets and meets him so happily... Sasha is super lucky to have him ♥️♥️ I love their bond and it's a pleasure to see them together happy 😊 messi is like a dog at same time a cat and of course a puma 😺😺 love messi ♥️♥️♥️♥️
ana tar
ana tar Ай бұрын
Пума-пума... Месси-хренесии.... Хозяйка дома -- Маша просто прелесть в её платье! Не снимай его, хозяюшка! Только из-за этого Вашего прикида смотрю, Месси, чесгря, на 2-м плане...
Светлана Яковлева
Светлана Яковлева Ай бұрын
Маша прекратите худеть , похоже будет анарексия
Patrick Bruenn
Patrick Bruenn Ай бұрын
Thanks to Sasha & Masha for raising two well-behaved kitty cats.
Gina Delos Santos
Gina Delos Santos Ай бұрын
hello Gerda❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dale McNamee
Dale McNamee Ай бұрын
Hi Sasha and Masha ! 👋 I enjoyed your video and it was great to see Gerda walking freely around the yard and laying in the shade... 😊 I like the new wide angle lens ! And Masha's dress looks nice ! 😊 I always enjoy watching the "unboxing" and seeing what everyone gets ! The monkey is cute.. And Gerda was attracted by the "squeeking" noise, but lost interest when it stopped... She wasn't interested in the green ball that "talked" as it rolled... But, she was content to walk around and lay in the shade before heading home... I read in the live chat replay that the one carp was dinner for you.. 😂 That reminds me of a joke about my old hometown Pittsburgh, PA... Q : What does a Pittsburgh "Surf and Turf" consist of ? A : Carp and Kielbasa ! 😂😂😂 The other remaining smaller fish should be put into the water near your house...🙂 Also, I hope that they are being fed... The new fencing looks great... And I know that it has to be "finished" and water proofed, but it still looks great ! 👌👍👍👏 Then, it was Messi's turn... After the brushing, Messi had his chance with the green ball and went "bonkers" over it in the house and in the yard... 😂 He also went after the canvas straw bag that Sasha was dragging...😄
Gina Delos Santos
Gina Delos Santos Ай бұрын
love messi❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️always watched your videos😍Take Care!
Stuff Joo
Stuff Joo Ай бұрын
Did Dad do an animal contact calling to Greda bc she sure came (animal way of calling to another to come) It's their sounds they make to their pride to come to them. In any case, whether it's one animal or two and two adults it's called "their pride We call it family. They call it "their pride"I was looking at a website that actually was giving the viewers a lesson on how to make the sounds so the animals can relate to your call. An example proved it can be done. They used live tigers for the example.Messi thinks mom is reading a storybook to him. You see his eyes. (LOL)
1 1
1 1 Ай бұрын
Привет,Вы такие красивые😉😉😉😉😉😉👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍а гердочка спумочкой самые самые👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖💖
Bryan Nolte
Bryan Nolte Ай бұрын
I may not speak the language, but the love Sasha and Masha have for each other, and for Messi and Gerda, is very evident no matter the language! 💚💚💚🏳️‍🌈
Goblins From Mars
Goblins From Mars Ай бұрын
*She talks fast!*
Peace & Happiness
Peace & Happiness Ай бұрын
Happy Sunday everyone 👋👋👋👋. Just seeing this now. Everything is beautiful. I notice you guys have your fence back. Yay !!!!!. Anyway , thank you Mr Sasha and Ms Masha for sharing your family life with everyone. 😃👋😃👋😃. 💕💕💕💕💕. May everyone have a beautiful rest of the day as well as a beautiful week coming up.😃👋😃👋😃
Elizabeth Cave
Elizabeth Cave Ай бұрын
David Branson, Kira died a few months ago from heart problems. Someone asked about Ichel in chat.If Ichel is Gerda. Ichel died from cancer.
HellonHeels Ай бұрын
The new fence looks great!
D D Ай бұрын
Благодарю за познавательные видео , не знала что гепард - дневное животное (охотник). Месси - сегодня кот- говорун 🐾
Dan W
Dan W Ай бұрын
Gerda is hilarious! I think she likes to go up on the porch just to walk back and forth in front of the door and tease Messi!😂 "Lah laaa lah.. look at mee... Lah laa lah.. whatever!"🤣😆👍
Elizabeth Cave
Elizabeth Cave Ай бұрын
Gerda gets to be near for box opening. First time, I think...she is interested in squeaky toy.
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl Ай бұрын
Messi never gets any pats or kisses from mommy, while Gerda gets all the love from mommy with kisses and pats all the time🤨. Poor Messi not getting love from mommy 😔. Please don’t feel sad Messi sweetheart , for you have the love of 1.87 million fans from all over the world!!! God also loves Messi and will keep him healthy and happy. Messi is such a sweet, innocent, smart, loving, and cute baby boy 💕💕💕💕💕
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl Ай бұрын
@jean-pierre aubertin D’accord, merci.
Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl Ай бұрын
@liberal ass Thanks
jean-pierre aubertin
jean-pierre aubertin Ай бұрын
Vous avez raison , celà fait plusieurs fois que je le signale mais ne parlant pas Russe , personne ne m'a répondu , j'ai presque la nostalgie de l'époque où ils vivaient en appartement car à ce moment là Masha faisait des câlins à Messi , merci
liberal ass
liberal ass Ай бұрын
Messi doesn't care about it don't worry... He is very close with his pa 😂😂 he is actually like a dog who has one master , in this case Sasha!! If you watch the videos carefully esp the old ones you will see in old apartment masha used to pet him call him sweet names but messi doesn't care about it then too 😂😂😂 he is actually tolerating masha in my opinion 😂😂😂 that cat has hierarchy in his mind Sasha being the alpha and he is second one and masha comes third !!!! 😂😂😂
Tanni Quraishi
Tanni Quraishi Ай бұрын
hii. sir. messi❤
Gleeeb Nasonov
Gleeeb Nasonov Ай бұрын
Банда, Вы молодцы! Моя Жена покупает мочалки для мойки ванной, кот (Тайсон) их находит, разрывает целлофан , и свежую мочалку, .... Жена ищет его мотивацию, а я объясняю - он смотрит Ваши видосы , и по своему реагирует. Ребята, здоровья Вам, Родне, и котам... Да, брат Массяни в Париже,
Donna Mealy
Donna Mealy Ай бұрын
I so look forward to your videos. You are very beautiful people. I am impressed by your English. Getting better every video. How’s the Chinese going?😄
Валентина Мазуренко
Валентина Мазуренко Ай бұрын
Привет из Одессы я обажаю вашу программу Гердочку и Месичку тоже хотелось бы потискать и погладить их
Laura Djdkdh
Laura Djdkdh Ай бұрын
Becky Neufeld
Becky Neufeld Ай бұрын
New fence is interesting. What do kitties think
Валентина Бурангулова
Валентина Бурангулова Ай бұрын
Ой, слава богу, что нет музыки!
Танко Нейков
Танко Нейков Ай бұрын
Сегодня не смог посмотреть прямой эфир (ходил внука наведать - ему 2 месяца, очень забавный). Смотрю сейчас на ночь глядя. Сначала начал смотреть ради пумы, а сейчас просто интересно на всех смотреть. Маша, отличный оператор, красавица, умница, спортсменка. Саша - отличный рассказчик (у нас в Болгарии говорят "сладкодумен"), интеллигентнейший человек, я у него учусь многими вещами. Всем всего наилучшего!
Viviana Muñoz
Viviana Muñoz Ай бұрын
Por qué ? Cambiaron el cerco ??? Harán lo mismo del otro lado ? 🤔🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱
Над К
Над К Ай бұрын
La valla hizo más alto. Y lo harán desde el otro lado
Joe Nicholson
Joe Nicholson Ай бұрын
Gerda is such a lovely cat !!!!!!
Максим Никитин
Максим Никитин Ай бұрын
когда слышу слово чокопива, я представляю как едят чокопай с пивом
Joe Nicholson
Joe Nicholson Ай бұрын
Miss beauty queen Gerda just loves that plush soft green grass to flop down in..
Tanya Stanley
Tanya Stanley Ай бұрын
Animals should be in the wild not kept as pets they should have the right to have their own family and freedoms day whites man love to own everything and keep things caged in or own 🤦‍♀️
Giovanna Ай бұрын
@Harald Fechner Sorry, Harald, this is a new cheetah named Gerda who arrived after Itchel died in April 2020. They've had her almost a year.
Harald Fechner
Harald Fechner Ай бұрын
Both cats have problems surviving in natural surroundings. Messi is a third smaller than other cougars and couldn't survive. Itchi couldn't hold its own with the other cats in the circus. Itchel would have no chance of surviving either
Giovanna Ай бұрын
Please read the history of Messi and his owners, the Dmitrievs. He was born in a zoo in Saransk in 2015. I take it you're new to the channel. There's lots of info to discover.
Тина Микава
Тина Микава Ай бұрын
Маша похудела?
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