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Russian with Puma Messi
Russian with Puma Messi Ай бұрын
Live stream translation, translated by Lilian, KZbin channel “Russian with Puma Messi.” Do you want to understand what Messi is talking about at the streams? Then you have to visit Russian with Puma Messi. Messi will teach you his favorite words, he will let you know what he thinks about his sister Gerda, and he will tell everything about his love for Sasha and Masha. Russian with Puma Messi-your way to Messi's Russian language. Messi's lovers from all over the world unite! The translation is a short one, I am totally out of time. Messi’s condition explained in detail. For more details, please read translation in the chat transcript. Thank you! Wishing you all a great week, Lilian Live stream April 10, 2022 S: Hello from our cat-O-family! The weather is magnificent, it’s almost 20 degrees outside! Spring is a real beauty here, so I propose we do something a little unusual today. Usually, we run after cats, today we’ll do it differently, we’ll go to the terrace and let cats come to us, taking turns. To be honest, today I can't move well, I pulled my back. We took Messi to a doctor and moved him to and from the observation table. Sasha and Masha propose to have tea on the terrace, Sasha will set up the table out there, meanwhile Masha will continue the stream. Messi is very content on the carpet in front of the couch, saying hello to all of us. S&M go to the terrace, Sasha opens the glass enclosure, Messi explores the territory. Sasha shows almost the completed version of the fence. Question: is that true that in Russia KZbin will be prohibited very soon? S&M: well, yes. the rumors circulate and most likely it will be like this but again we are telling that while You Tube is working in Russia this is our preferred platform. S: OK guys, we waited for quite some time… I hope that there are enough people watching us right now and it's time to tell you the story what's happening with Messi. You remember that he had an abscess on his chin and today it burst and the liquid went out. We took Messi to the hospital, we had blood work done, and his blood test is perfect, as the doctor said it's a normal state of the blood; and now we started the antibiotic treatment and some antiseptic local treatments. We also did and X-ray. Nothing is urgent at this point. We decided that the doctors would come to us sometime in May; we don't know the date for sure yet, but we've decided to do it this way because Messi is feeling very good right now. The treatment has begun. Why did we decide in favor of the doctors coming to us instead of us going to Moscow? I'm telling you one more time-because the rehabilitation process for Messi is going to be very very painful. Imagine his jaw will be swollen. Look at my thumb--that's how thick his fang is and that's how big a hole in his jaw will be. To heal that will take some time. He will be very groggy, and he really needs to be in a familiar place to recover. What is even more important is that we may need to remove two fangs, and in that case the pain is going to be multiplied by two meaning that there will be two holes in his jaw. Again, we want to assure all of you, even though this is a small, not a serious problem, but of course, we are worried, and constantly monitor it. All his vital signs are normal, except for the abscess, there are no other problems, so don't worry, we will keep you informed, and everything is fine right now. M: well guys, you may exhale now. Gerda is on her aviary enjoying the sun. Masha reads more messages from the chat. Guys show the burnt sterilizer in Gerda’s house. It’s been in service for 5 years. It smells like burnt plastic. Sasha and Masha explain why Messi doesn't have any toys today. First, they don't want him to run around and get his paws dirty. Also, they came back from the clinic and Messi went directly to sleep because he was anxious while he was at the clinic, and they were concerned and didn't even expect him to be awake by the stream time. But he woke up, we are very proud of him, he refused to eat, so we are fasting today. Why do we fast? Because we went to clinic had blood work and that's why we didn't eat anything and when we came back home, he still was stressed and wasn’t interested in food. S: I think it would be reasonable to continue our fasting day today. Let's make today Monday out of Sunday, and tomorrow we'll have a normal day. Let him brag tomorrow in front of Gerda that he is eating on Monday, and she is fasting. S: one more thing regarding Messi’s fang. The left one will have to be extracted and we will say goodbye to it because we looked at X-ray, and it definitely has to be removed. The right one--we'll see how the things are. Some of you mentioned that maybe it would be possible to have an implant. I don't know much about this. I haven't educated myself on the subject yet, that's why I don't know. It totally resembles the process how it’s done in human dentistry. It definitely will impact Messi’s aesthetics. I know this problem very well myself; I have problem teeth-I have only four healthy teeth in my mouth and if I want to straighten my teeth, I will have to remove two other healthy teeth to make them straight and I can't afford to do that because I have only four healthy teeth in my mouth and I can't afford to lose two out of four. Sasha is obsessed with his hobby-fishing. Messi was hunting butterflies along the fence. S&M discussed a Japanese desert mochi they had with tea. Anti-flea and tick remedies were discussed. Gerda doesn’t have a collar; she doesn’t go outside. The lawn is being treated from ticks and insects. Messi wears his collar because he goes places 😊 Question of the day was-which animal has a T-bone shape pupil. The answer was a hippopotamus. Sasha explained again why he introduced fasting days for Messi and has if for Gerda as well. It's all because they are predators and in nature, they don't have food every day. For the grass eating animals you don't need to have fasting days, for the predators it’s a must. All the zoos have fasting days for their predators. For your domestic cat--it's not that easy task, they will express their attitude by meowing. Though you can achieve it if you train your cat. And lots of other things were talked about. Even about investing into cryptocurrency. Please check the chat for brief summaries of the discussions. Messi is on the couch greeting Sasha and Masha who came back from seeing Gerda, he says his famous Kryaaa to us. Sasha rubs Messi's chin because it’s lightly bleeding. Messi runs away. (No nose-eye today) Masha says goodbye to the audience and thanks everyone for their attention. S&M: We will definitely let you know when the doctors come to us. We will keep you posted on Messi's condition. Thank you very much for being with us. We wish you all to have a great week! Hugs to all of you.
Russian with Puma Messi
Russian with Puma Messi Ай бұрын
@Ann Shimamura Thank you, Ann 🥰
Ann Shimamura
Ann Shimamura Ай бұрын
@Russian with Puma Messi Oh thought ur from Russia. U do a great job of translation. Thanks again Lillian❗
Russian with Puma Messi
Russian with Puma Messi Ай бұрын
@Ann Shimamura mahalo! 🥰 (I've been to Hawaii many times, I live in California)
Ann Shimamura
Ann Shimamura Ай бұрын
@Russian with Puma Messi u have a great evening 2 mahalo (thank u) in Hawaiian.
Russian with Puma Messi
Russian with Puma Messi Ай бұрын
@Ann Shimamura Aloha Ann! Thank you for reading it. Have a great day! 🥰
Ирина Костенко
Ирина Костенко Ай бұрын
Ребята, спасибо за стрим)) Мессюше: пусть флюс поскорее пройдёт и не вернётся)) Герда смешно пряталась за углом дома, как ребёнок: ку-ку)))
Надежда Красинская
Надежда Красинская Ай бұрын
Добрый день любимая семья любимых нами котиков 🙏🙏🙏Вы излучаете только мир и добро, очень хочется чтобы это все разошлось по планете Земля! Любим Вас!💓🌷💜🌹
Надежда Красинская
Надежда Красинская Ай бұрын
@Michele Santilli 🙏💓🙏
Michele Santilli
Michele Santilli Ай бұрын
Yesss wonderful I agree! God bless you!
Ольга Тесля
Ольга Тесля Ай бұрын
Привет Саша и Маша! Сегодня был интересный эфир, спасибо большое. Очень люблю ваш канал, пересматриваю прошлые стримы и видео. Желаю вам и вашим питомцам крепкого здоровья. Обнимаю вас крепко! Удачи! 🐱🐾💋🐆🙏🥰🏡💛
Shawnee Dale Grimm
Shawnee Dale Grimm Ай бұрын
Wouldn't it be great if Messi knew how many people love him so much? Watching the love you two give him is so rewarding. Oh, our beautiful Messi!
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Марта Ай бұрын
Ребята спасибо что Вы есть 🙏 Здоровья Вам и Месюшке 🙏люблю Вас смотреть , я даже глядя на Вас меняться стала , хотя мне уже очень много лет ! С Вами уютно и спокойно 👍!🎉🫶🫶🫶🫶🫶
Tatiyana Tatiyana
Tatiyana Tatiyana Ай бұрын
Ну слава богу,что флюс ушел.пусть быстрее заживает.как будто родное существо приболело.обожаю Мессика!
Stuff Ай бұрын
So happy to see your family today. That was so nice to see Messi and Gerda communicate visually through the glass. Messi enjoyed hanging out with Sasha and Gerda for a few minutes as we see he got relaxed indoors saying "maybe, I'll just chill with them like this and it works for me"👍 Your family is always in our thoughts for good health and wish your family a very blessed life. I read there will be decorative lights around the new fence, that sounds like it will look real nice on hot evening summer nights and relax with the cats over some herb lemon tea. During the Christmas holidays, colored lights will really look very pretty bringing a welcoming warm feeling to the home.🏘 Happy journey with your precious beautiful regal cats Messi and Gerda. Remember if anything happens with our connections online, just to reassure we will still have the family in our hearts.🏡 The only two cats, Iron man Messi and Gerda spread peace around the world. 👼🙏
Maria Helena
Maria Helena Ай бұрын
Mom and dad:- in portuguese say: BOM DIA!
Алёнка Ай бұрын
Машенька, что ж Вы сидите на ледяной земле, не жалеете свое здоровье. Это по молодости жарко, а с возрастом все болячки вылазят, к сожалению. Берегите свое здоровье.
Вера Ивановна
Вера Ивановна Ай бұрын
Добрый вечер Саша и Маша.Привет из Санкт-Петербурга.Месси красавчик,очень мне нравится,какой он у вас ласковый.
ВадимирКрылов Ай бұрын
Блогодарю Саша Маша Мэсси и Герда. За прямой эфир.. 💓💓💞💞 Как всегда эфир получился очень интересным .. Мэсси жэлаю хорошего здоровья.. 👍👍👍👍. 😘😘.
Sheryl G
Sheryl G Ай бұрын
Love your beautiful home as well as Gerda & Messi! You two are wonderful & take such great care of your two incredible cats! ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍
Элина Кулешова
Элина Кулешова Ай бұрын
Огромное спасибо за такой классный эфир! За Мессюшу рады очень, желаем здоровья! Герда тоже весенняя кошечка! Большой привет из Тулы, ребята, вы супер!, 😍😍😍😍🤩
Cyclonus2377 Ай бұрын
Ещё один хороший стрим! Массян и Гердуся, как обычно, прекрасные животные! С воскресенье на нашей любимой котосемьёй! 😊😊😊😊
Mark Martin
Mark Martin Ай бұрын
Красивая кошка уверенно качает хвостом. Такое прекрасное чудо. Я пожизненный поклонник Месси. Он такой милый и добрый. Такое свидетельство хорошего обращения с животными - единственный путь. Он абсолютно замечательный. �
Larisa Kalderova
Larisa Kalderova Ай бұрын
Здравствуйте добрая семья вы очень интересные и Саша и Маша и ваши котики красавчики
Barbara Claytor
Barbara Claytor Ай бұрын
I hope you are all safe and have a way to stay that way. Blessings and care..
игорь минаев
игорь минаев Ай бұрын
мы очень переживаем пумке здоровья
Victoria K
Victoria K Ай бұрын
Моочи это японское мороженное ^^ его хранят в морозильнике, ребята)) достали из морозильника и можно сразу кушать, но некоторые дают мороженному полежать минут 5-10 при комнатной температуре перед употреблением. Чудесный стрим, Саша и Маша! Всегда с удовольствием провожу с вами время)
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Спасибо за информацию👌🏻😘
Нина Мершеева
Нина Мершеева Ай бұрын
Спаси́ и сохрани тебя Месси от всяких болезни!
Нина Мершеева
Нина Мершеева Ай бұрын
Мне очень нравитса как Месси рычит и фыркает!
Lélène Ай бұрын
Merci pour ces petits moments de bonheur avec votre beau Messi. 🥰💖💕💞💗 une vosgienne (France)
ben athey
ben athey Ай бұрын
Best wishes to you all, always great catching up, thoughts are with you all and our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine who are doing it tough right now, cheers
Lina Adams
Lina Adams Ай бұрын
Thank you so much Lillian for translating this because I was out of town and literally worried about both of them. When I flew out and landed at my destination, I was at the hotel I was staying at and turned the TV on early Sunday there just to see on to see if Messi was okay and I was happy to see he was looking fine and Gerta as well..They are so adorable and loved, I almost feel as if they're part of my own family... Such precious animals... I'm happy to hear his blood work came out well.. They take good care of sweet Messi and Gerta.. Seeing them just for a minute every day before I'm off to work, makes my day..I could see Messi looked a little sad..I saw Sasha was wiping his little tooth area..I had a regular sized cat that had an abscess tooth and had to rush him to the hospital because his entire R/side was so swollen and I felt so horrible...But got it taken care of and he was so much better..That can be painful on animals and humans... So happy they're doing well..LOVED watching Gerta eating her quail eggs..She's a little comedian sweet pea always purring.. What love bugs.. LOVE you guys.. Stay well and healthy and the kitties are loved by us all...😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mary Morgante
Mary Morgante Ай бұрын
hello I love when Messi speaks big cat. he understands everything. good cougar Messi. .you are a happy puma Messi. we love you and your family
Das KapitaL
Das KapitaL Ай бұрын
Боритесь за зуб до последнего. Прополис. У меня тоже резорпция уже много лет. Врач кричал удалять. Пока держу. Когда начинает беспокоить мажу на десну Прополис пару недель. Расскажите пожалуйста Месси как много людей его любят и желают ему быть здоровым.
Doris Paula Carrasco
Doris Paula Carrasco Ай бұрын
Uuuu todavia con nieve ..Unsaludo desde Santiago de Chille los sigo desde un principio lindo Messime da gusto el cariño que le tienen al igual que al otro animalito los felicito.Que tengan mucha paz sobre todo por esos lados
野村智美 Ай бұрын
Thank you for the wonderful livestream today🌞 СПАСИБО🙏🏻 Sasha Masha Messi Gerda and Everyone, I love you all💑🐅🐆💞🌍️🌎️♥️ Pray for Messi's health🙏🏻 See you again👋🐾
Ирина Парфенцева
Ирина Парфенцева Ай бұрын
Привет. Саша. Маша. Гердочка. И месси. Стрим. Сегодня. Интересный. Как. Всегда. Много. Интересного. Рассказывает. Саша. Месси. Здоровья. Флюс. Лопнул. Котик. Пойдёт. На. Поправку. Удачной. Вам. Недели котяток. Почесать. За ушком и поцеловать в розовый. Нос
Марина Огнева
Марина Огнева Ай бұрын
Привет наша любимая котосемья! Рады видеть Вас! Хорошего настроения всем!
Angel Spike
Angel Spike Ай бұрын
Hola desde Argentina!! Besos para ustedes y Puma Messi😗😗😗😘😘😘
huascar66 Ай бұрын
You are such wonderful people! Sending you so much love and kind thoughts from NYC!
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Thank you❤️
Donna Mealy
Donna Mealy Ай бұрын
What an incredible beautiful day! Sunnny, warm and the Dimitriev Family. I am so glad you did not have to go to Moscow this weekend. It is amazing how much of your snow disappeared in just a week. I look forward to lawn parties soon. 🦋
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Valquíria Oliveira
Valquíria Oliveira Ай бұрын
Boa tarde Masha Sasha Messi e Gerda um bom Domingo pra vcs que seja bem divertido, amo seus vídeos mostrando, o seu dia com seus filhos,um beijo pra vocês 🙏😘🌺❤️🇧🇷🐆🐅🌷
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Виолетта Жук
Виолетта Жук Ай бұрын
Привет, любимая котосемейка! Рада вас видеть, Украина вас тоже смотрит и любит! ❤️
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Michele Santilli
Michele Santilli Ай бұрын
Good morning to you all so happy to see you from USA NEW JERSEY!👍🏼🧡🙏🏼
Наиля Ай бұрын
Здравствуйте я из Бугульмы я вас очень сильно люблю вы классные желаю самое главное здоровья, счастья, удачи во всем, мир вашему дому и чтобы у вас все было хорошо 🙏
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Добрый день😘 спасибо 🥰😘
Lele Lanson
Lele Lanson Ай бұрын
Как дантист я Месси имплант несоветую, ето очень рискованно по той причине что у котика здоровье неочень как вы говорили в видео где представляли Месси, риск большой что имплант неприживется или через пару лет выпадет, знаю на практике на людях, животные неотличаются в етом плане, да и много наркозов ето тоже нерадость для организма. Месси сможет жить и без етих клыков, у меня одна кошечка которую я спасла, потеряла все зубы кроме 4х, ее сбила машина, но она кушает все, и Месси сможет. Желаю рыжику выздоровления а вам терпения.
Lele Lanson
Lele Lanson Ай бұрын
@I_am_puma А у Месси глпвная естетика с наружи и кошачья душа, а клыки они и в Африке клыки, кушать он сможет и без них, но имплантами я б его немучала.
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Мы вот именно из-за нескольких частых наркозов не хотим имплант. Клык в его случае чисто эстетический момент. Он даже кушает больше на правой стороне. В общем изучаем пока
наталия владимирова
наталия владимирова Ай бұрын
Ребята, вы молодцы! Привет из Азова Ростовской области!
Javier Burga Rubini
Javier Burga Rubini Ай бұрын
Hola messi, buenos días y buenas noches para ustedes. Un saludo y abrazo desde Perú...🇵🇪👋🇵🇪👋🇵🇪
Люба Масюк
Люба Масюк Ай бұрын
Ребята спасибо за интересный стрим. Зачетно нас красивый креативный пум приветствует. Мы всегда рады видеть Месяна и Гердочку-мурчалочку. До встречи на стримах.
Люба Масюк
Люба Масюк Ай бұрын
@I_am_puma Спасибо большое!
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Обнимаем вас крепко❤️
Anna Pokhvalenskaya
Anna Pokhvalenskaya Ай бұрын
Спасибо огромное за общение, друзья❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mary Morgante
Mary Morgante Ай бұрын
you keep you baby animals very clean and your house clean. very important you are good people. god bless you. I know it's alot of work you two people are very brave hard workers.
Ivana Štarmanová
Ivana Štarmanová Ай бұрын
Ahoj Sašo , Mášo, Messi a Gerdo. Miluji Vás a těším se vždy na nové video. Jste prostě nádherní-
Нина Мершеева
Нина Мершеева Ай бұрын
Привет Месси милый котик!😘😁Здравствуйте Маша и Саша!Я из Кемерово Кузбасс!Берегите Месси!
марина казакова обзор
марина казакова обзор Ай бұрын
Всем здоровья. Душевный стрим.
Torgo1969 Ай бұрын
Messi is Magesterial!
Ljubica Golubovic
Ljubica Golubovic Ай бұрын
Это мой любимый котёнок на ю тюбе❤️❤️❤️ и мои любимые люди Меси,молодеееец😻😻 Привет от Сербии❤️
ВадимирКрылов Ай бұрын
Всем вам щисливой следующей недели 💞💓😘
Ree McLaughlin
Ree McLaughlin Ай бұрын
Are you all safe? That's what I need to know that your family is safe. 🙏🏼❤🐱🐈
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Thank you dear🙏❤️
Ирина Викар
Ирина Викар Ай бұрын
Thank you! They are safe. ❤ We temporarily do not have coated paper, this affects Sasha as a polygraphist, but his printing house also produces packaging.
Larisа Voropaeva
Larisа Voropaeva Ай бұрын
,, Котёночек,, сладкий.
Giovanna Ай бұрын
Nice to see you all in good health 😀🙏❤️
chantal barry
chantal barry Ай бұрын
Bon dimanche a vous calinoux A Messie Bonne santé good nigth Bisous
Анна Филиппова
Анна Филиппова Ай бұрын
Здравствуйте Саша и Маша, Мессичка и Герда, желаю вам всего самого наилучшего, всегда с удовольствием смотрю все ваши видео. Спасибо большое за позитив который вы дарите 😊 Желаю Мессичке скорейшего выздоровления 😊
Люда Селютина
Люда Селютина Ай бұрын
Спасибо 🙏 большое!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️за кота. За видео.
teresa litti
teresa litti Ай бұрын
La neve si sta sciogliendo e messi si mette al sole e poi fa una passeggiata💋💋💋
CAT Crazed
CAT Crazed Ай бұрын
💕💕💕 cougar Messi is adorable! Love him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😺🐈
Regina Lucia
Regina Lucia Ай бұрын
Messi lindo ❤️❤️❤️ Sasha, Masha 😘😘😘🇧🇷🇧🇷
игорь минаев
игорь минаев Ай бұрын
не болеть малыши
Ann Shimamura
Ann Shimamura Ай бұрын
Thank u 4 sharing ur great videos of ur whole awesome ohana (family). It brings me happiness & tons of joy 2 watch. God bless all of u 🙏 😇 Aloha from Hawaii 🌴🌴🌴🌴
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Aloha 🙌🏻
hélèn. viala
hélèn. viala Ай бұрын
Des bisous pour Messi et GERDA. 💕🐻
isaiass aquino
isaiass aquino Ай бұрын
el puma es el leon blanco de america y representa a los incas los antiguos amos del nuevo mundo.AMERICA saludos de MACHU...PICHU
Estela Sanchez sanchez
Estela Sanchez sanchez Ай бұрын
Hola como estas?? Mucho BESOS a Messi a ustedes mucho Salud y LO mejor..SALUDOS DESDE España ESTELA ..
Natali Medvedeva
Natali Medvedeva Ай бұрын
Всего вам самого доброго!
Christine Zajac
Christine Zajac Ай бұрын
We look forward to seeing your reports from Messi and Gerda and also you both Masha and Sascha every week or every other day! Thank God all the snow is going away for you and you can prepare the meadow again and plant your garden. 🥰🐾🐾🍀 Your two cuties will also be happy when it gets warmer again! All the best and lots of love from Vienna Christine and Manfred
Christine Zajac
Christine Zajac Ай бұрын
@I_am_puma 🥰❤🐾🐾🙋🏼‍♀️
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Hello friends🙌🏻😘 Yes! spring has finally arrived! +20 today!
Barbara Waltimyer
Barbara Waltimyer Ай бұрын
Thank you for sharing this video. Love to your family.
Прикольные видео
Прикольные видео Ай бұрын
Месси ты такой интересный кот
Zhanargul Pussurmanova
Zhanargul Pussurmanova Ай бұрын
Здравствуйте! Обожаю Мэсси. Он не обыкновенный. Вам, Саша и Маша, можно было написать книгу о нем. У вас столько материала и ваших наблюдений, столько забавных случаев и историй. Хватило бы на серию книг. Вам, наверное, уже предлагали написать книгу.
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Добрый день! Да, идея такая есть, и нам неоднократно предлагали издательства это сделать, но это должна быть книга-душа. Такая же как Месси. Необыкновенная, проникающая в самое сердце. А на это нужно время, много времени. Она обязательно однажды появится❤️
Silvia Martins
Silvia Martins Ай бұрын
Joanne Blevins
Joanne Blevins Ай бұрын
I love watching your guys, and Messi is funny and playful! Gerda is playful, too and so beautiful! I see that Messi And Gerda Get Along Good Together, Playing And Running After Each Other!! These Big Cats Are Truly A Blessing, And All Of You Guys, Sasha, Masha, Messi, Gerda Make My Day, And Make Me Happy Everytime That I Watch You Guys. The Love That All You guys Have Is Awesome, Amazing! What A World This Would Be If We All Had This Gift!
Deb Seitz
Deb Seitz Ай бұрын
Love Messi and his wonderful family 🐱❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Злобный Заяц
Злобный Заяц Ай бұрын
Смотрю в записи. Занимательный стрим. От Т-образного зрачка до бизнеса с криптой 👍🏾Но как, черт возьми, имея кучу паролей ваш друг не записывал их?? У меня тоже самое, для них есть спец. блокнот иначе потеряю доступ везде. Короче переживаю за вашего друга, как за своего)) Срочно к гипнологу, экзорцисту и в пустыню на 40 дней 😂🙏
marie theresa
marie theresa Ай бұрын
Love Messi, Masha, Sasha, Gerda and all of 🇷🇺Russia Stay Strong 💪💪💪💪
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Mila S.
Mila S. Ай бұрын
Kelly Saguini
Kelly Saguini Ай бұрын
My mom’s cat had his fangs removed too (small cat) I hope for his procedure to go well and for a speedy recovery! I would hate to lose this podcast because of politics! :(
Heavenly Villa
Heavenly Villa Ай бұрын
Love Messi and Gerda and seeing how happy they make you and us. Please know the rest of the world do not hate normal Russian people like yourselves. :)
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Mila S.
Mila S. Ай бұрын
It's very important for us to know
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov Ай бұрын
Спасибо за эфир..
Besiri Natalia
Besiri Natalia Ай бұрын
Добрый вечер, мои любимки!Скажу честно я никогда не смотрела стрим ы, мне казалось это так скучно, но от вас оторваться невозможно. Сижу и жду воскресенья.
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
ирина лезина
ирина лезина Ай бұрын
А мне оповещение не пришло!!! Как же так? Ребята вам привет от меня и Вассы!! Меську целую в носик!💋💋💋
Ekaterina Levicheva
Ekaterina Levicheva Ай бұрын
Стримы проводятся в одно и то же время, по воскресеньям с 15 до 17 ч. по московскому времени
black panther
black panther Ай бұрын
大好きなファミリーMessi の健康願います🙏💕💕🤗
Audri Clausen
Audri Clausen Ай бұрын
Love the video of the cats. It looks like your snow is melting which is good get some spring weather. Today in Idaho we had rain snow sleet and wind I don’t think mother nature knows what she’s doing have a blessed evening hopefully see a video tomorrow
Ольга Павловна
Ольга Павловна Ай бұрын
☺️ Masha and Sasha have almost summer, +20° Celsius. They were lucky. In most of Russia, it will also rain, fog and +2 - +6 ° until Thursday (this is uncomfortable, according to the Celsius scale, water freezes after 0 °, boils at + 100 °, normal human temperature +36.6° ). But on Friday they promise that the heat will come to Moscow. But not for long...
Mary Morgante
Mary Morgante Ай бұрын
Messi is a lucky cougar he gets massage and combed at the same time. too funny. . Messi is the king of the house. king. Messi.
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
Our lovely king🙈😁
purplebutterfly Ай бұрын
Sasha, I have just now noticed the shape of your thumbs....my great aunt used to say that people who have this type of thumb are very intelligent...obviously,it is true in your case...so,now you ve learned something new....best wishes to Messi and his tooth...we will always support you guys,it is rare to find people like he two of you in this world honestly....
Sonja Peterson
Sonja Peterson Ай бұрын
Greetings from Long Island, New York, USA. 😀😸❤🙏
I_am_puma Ай бұрын
The world’s funniest mascot moment of all time 😂
Omar Raja - ESPN
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ISSEI funny video 😂😂😂 PUZZLE 🤝 VAMYUN Part 4 | May 10, 2022
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Puma Messi says good morning 😅
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Прямой эфир.  Готовим плов с гостем
Who is Messi sleeping with? In bed with a cougar!
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A True Leader Helps Everyone 😍 BaoRami Edits
BaoRami Edits
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